"Subtree closing"

(Bernd Szyszka) #1


yesterday, I’ve installed the 4.0 version of JabRef. I’m missing the function “Subtree closing”. My database has numerous kewords entries plus even more sub-keywords. I urgently need the feature to close all subtrees in order to see only the top-level keywords. Is there any way for doing so? In 3.x, that feature was given, but now, I’m missing that.

Best regards


(Bernhard Kleine) #2

You may click an the “>” sign to the right of an entry in the tree panel. I wonder whether that is what you want.

(Bernd Szyszka) #3

Dear Bernhard, thank you for your reply, but this is not what I need. I have a data base with a lot of groups and subgroups. In the older JabRef version, there was the command: “Collapse subtree” (I think that was the name). With this command, I closed all subtrees, just the top level groups remained. This is what I am missing urgently. At the moment, I need to close every group. It takes so much time to navigate throught the database. The JabRef tool is almost unusable, at the moment. I’d appreciate any help on this. Best regards Bernd

(Christoph) #4

Just make a double click on the root node you want to stay open. Then the subtreee will be collapsed - and expanded if you make a doube click again