4.2 speed and stability

Just updated from 3.2 to 4.2.
Under windows 7 I found it slow and unstable, frequent crashes, hangs, failure of preview etc.
A real shame as I love this software.
Back to 3.2 then. Just as well I saved a copy of the database before 4.2 reformatted it.
Is this a general problem or just me ?

We are sorry to hear that you have freeze problems. However, since 3.2 there has been done a lot of work, a lot of new features and bug fixes have been implemented and in the latest two releases we focused on performance and stability fixes. We are always looking for helping hands.

The freezes are sometimes caused by the fact that we are slowly changing to a new GUI technology and the interaction between the old and new one are not always optimal. But we are currently in the process of converting the rest to the new GUI technology.

You can try it out here. Note that currently there might be still some problems, but that will becoming JabRef 5.0. You can find a download link and a list of current known issues here: A backup of the database is recommended.