Active entry should be selected and visible in table

I often encounter the situation that the entry which is active in the entry editor is not selected in the table and/or the table is scrolled such, that the active entry is not visible. This happens, e.g., when I have a search/filter applied and then add a new entry. It would be great if this could be fixed.

I found this or a similar issue also reported
here and here but no further discussion on it…

(I’m running JabRef 5.6.)

I think this refers to Issues with search and groups and associated feature request · Issue #4237 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

Sorry, as small as your suggestion sounds, this seems to be a very difficult topic overall. The desire to improve is there, but at this point in time, people are not yet sure how and what the best actions would be to implement something similar with JavaFX.

Ah, ok. Well, I guess I can live with it :wink:

Thanks for the answer, ThiloteE!