Shortcut - Protect terms -> Add {} around selected text


I am working with JabRef to organise my literature and I have the problem that for a lot of bib-styles I need to protect terms that have to be upper case letters (e.g. {DNA} or article titles in languages where capitalisation does matter). I have seen that by marking the text, right clicking and selecting “Protect terms” -> “Add {} around selected text” this could be done very fast.
However, I would need a keyboard shortcut to use for that. Does any exist or is it possible to define one?

Thank you a lot in advance!


at the moment it is not possible to use a shortcut.
However, you can make use of the cleanup operations to add a protect terms formatter for some/all entry fields.
So, if you run a cleanup operation, and you have the word DNA in your protected terms list, it would now for all entries in your library add the braces around the terms,

And you can manage (import/export) the list with protected terms under Options-> Manage protected terms.
The list itself is just a text file with each term in a new line.


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