Recognize quotation commands

Articles sometimes have quotations marks in their titles and to ensure that these are processed correctly, I wrap those parts in \mkbibquote{} (alternatively, one can use \enquote{}). This, however, is not recognized as such by Jabref at the moment. Recognition of these commands would clean up my table of references significantly and make it easier to export the table to other formats.

The same is the case for \mkbibemph{} and \emph{}.

I thought a simple {} prevents latex to change the format?


title = {{This is a title with “quotationmarks”}}

Maybe I am wrong. Could you try it?

There is also the csquotes and biber packages, which apparently are able to modify quotes. See here for example. So i am not sure, if there is a need to do this in Jabref.

About \mkbibemph{} and \emph{} I don’t know.

I agree, of course:

  • if JabRef were able to recognize these commands and remove them automatically, before rendering them with CSL, that would be good.
  • Also, as you say, having an option to remove them automatically before exporting to other formats via quality > cleanup entries would be good.
  • Having an option of inserting these commands automatically in front of every quotationmark via quality > cleanup entries would be good too.

For the latter two, there is a workaround: use edit > find and replace (ctrl + R).

Yes @ThiloteE is right. It’s the job of the latex template to handle quotations, e.g. csquotes and not of JabRef.
If you just want to protect certain terms casing, you can wrap them in curly braces as well. JabRef has an option to protect terms also based on a list.

Yes wrapping the quotation marks in brackets prevents latex from changing the format, which is exactly the problem.

Different citation styles handle quotation marks differently. In Chicago article titles are set in double marks and quotations within article titles in single marks; quotations in book titles are set in double marks. In Harvard, article titles are set in single marks and quotations within articles in double marks; quotations in book titles are in single marks. In Vancouver style, quotations within both article and book titles are set in double marks.

So these things need to be dynamic, which is why biblatex introduced \mkbibquote{}. To make sure I get the right marks in my output, I need to use this in my .bib file. I’m not even asking for Jabref to get the quotations right (because, as mentioned above, it tends to change). My request is for an option to hide these code snippets from the title list the way that plain brackets are also hidden currently from the title list.

While, I think this specific feature could also be added to specialized LaTeX-editors like LyX, Texmaker and so on instead of Jabref, there is a world where this feature could live in Jabref.(e.g. as cleanup action). Since Jabref is a “citation and reference management tool” and the plea is to manage and prepare entries to be modified as a preparatory step before the citation style is applied, I can see how Jabref could be the right place for this feature. If the user were NOT to use Jabref for this workflow, the user still would need to change the data in the library file in some way.

Same here.

And yet, as often, it comes down to somebody actually having the time, taking an interest and actually submitting a pull request :sweat_smile:

This is functionality should be covered by our LaTeX-to-Unicode converter:

Code hint: jabref/ at 6ebb56f07d145e4df573dc1b90ef8c473ca488f6 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

Discussion on improving the current implementation: Fix latex2unicode and unicode2latex by koppor · Pull Request #6155 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub.