Add "hyphenation = {german}" to each/some entries

Is there an easy way to add this line

hyphenation = {german}

to some or each of the database entries?


simply go to the BibTex Source tab in the Entryeditor and insert it. A new field (in other tab) showing the value is then automatically generated when you re-open the entry editor.


That is not what I meant.

I don’t want to do this manully by myself. :wink:

JabRef should do this per default for all new entries.
And I want to do that for an amount of specific entries.

In my opinion this is a feature with a very narrow usage pattern. As a work-around you can write your own export filter and add this field in the export (and then take the exported bib file as your new main).


Quality - Set/clear/rename fields... is your friend. You should be able to set the fieldname and value there for all selected or all entries. You can also select and right click entries and there should be the same option inside the context menu.

Cheers, Stefan


Isn’t there a way to append a value to a field?

e.g. I want to add a new keyword to multiple entries without losing the existing keywords.

Create a keyword-based group containing the expression you want to add and drag the entries onto this new group.

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