Add a new item by source-code (including type @article)

I often use BibTeX export on websites and I get e.g.

author = {Parisch, Horst},
title = {Festkörper-Kontinuumsmechanik},
edition = {1. Aufl.},
address = {Stuttgart [u.a.]},
publisher = {Teubner},
ISBN = {9783519004349},
keywords = {Kontinuumsmechanik ; Finite-Elemente-Methode},

Is there an easy, fast way to just insert the code into the current file?

I know

  • I could import a bib-file stored locally on the computer (But I do not want to save, import, delete file.)
  • I could import by ISBN or DOI, but I prefer the settings of the publisher (and add other infos later)
  • I know I could creat a new book/article-entry go to source-field and insert (That what I’m doing now, but I do not want to define book/article since it is anyway in the source-code.)

Acutally the last option is sometimes imho buggy: E.g. if I still have something written in the search field and I create a new empty entry I jump to the first entry of the one that match with the word in the search bar.


Just paste the bibtex code on the main table, JabRef will create the entry

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