Adding new group changes the group order back to alphabetical order

Hello all!
I’m new to Jabref and therefore maybe there’s some obvious solution to my “problem” which I haven’t found yet but I tried and found nothing. I’m shifting my library to Jabref (I choose it as Mendeley desktop replacement and I’m only sad I haven’t done it way earlier) and to not transfer the former mess I had in my library I’m doing it manually, almost article by article or rather folder by folder and therefore I’m creating new groups as I go. It’s great that I can make my own order of the groups and don’t have to have them be sorted only alphabetically but whenever I add one more group, the order of the groups changes back to the alphabetical one.
So I’d like to ask - is there any way how to preserve the group order? Is there some different way of saving it (which maybe have I missed), change the settings or is it normal thing?

I use:
JabRef 5.9–2023-01-08–76253f1a7
Linux 6.1.0-9-amd64 amd64
Java 19.0.1
JavaFX 19+11

(and side note: Sometimes when importing the articles and I impatiently click somewhere else some errors occur to me but so far I was not able to reproduce it consistently)

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thanks for your feedback. Can you still reproduce these issues with the latest development version?

We recommend creating a backup of your library before.

Edit: I think I could reproduce this. I will create an issue at github

I’ve created an issue here Group order reset after adding a new group · Issue #10017 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

Thank you! I haven’t tried it yet but I suppose if it’s the same case for you I don’t have to?