ADS/Harvard entries contain latex commands, leading to a blank field in list view

Unfortunately, newer Jabref versions which use the Unicode interpreter for the list view are unusable in my experience. Some bibtex entries from ADS/Harvard ( use journal names like “\prl” or “\prb” which are not only not displayed in the list view, but are also not searchable (example reference:

This makes it essentially impossible to auto-handle these entries after import. Even field renaming requires that I can at least find and select the corresponding entries.

Thanks for any advice!

Thanks for the report,
I guess the unicode converter tries to interpret this is as a latex command.

Seems like we need to add a list of excluded latex like symbols/macros

I filed a bug:

Thanks for taking this concern seriously, it is much appreciated!
Cheers from a long-time fan of Jabref :+1:t2:

Following up on my earlier question: Since the parser cannot handle unknown latex commands, can I somehow disable it completely? I really don’t need parsing in the list view.

Thank for any tips!