Are the (external programs) icons available somewhere?


I’d like to put some JabRef icons in some slides of a LaTeX course. I’m particularly looking for the (external program) TeXstudio one.

For this, I cloned the JabRef git repository but couldn’t find it.

Any help is welcome, thanks!


JabRef’s used icons and images can be found under src/main/resources/images/external

All other icons are based on MaterialDesignIcons

The TeXstudio JabRef’s used icons is jabref/texstudio.png at main · JabRef/jabref · GitHub which, AFAICS, is not used any more by JabRef.

The icon I’m talking about is the following one: new-txs-icon and I tried to, but couldn’t, find it on MaterialDesignIcons.

I guess this new icon is related to Community feedback: Custom icons for external applications · Issue #3868 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub.

Ah, that one is a custom icon, it’s located in our custom ttf font jabref/JabRefMaterialDesign.ttf at bb011c9313367a28990ae213b3920fe6cd10d1dc · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

If I remember correctly @halirutan created this. Maybe he still has the svg he used?

@halirutan’s attention drawn.