Community feedback: Custom icons for external applications

I’m reposting this issue here to reach a larger audience (Please visit this issue for more images).

As you all know, we use one-colored, flat Material Design Icons in JabRef. They look great and there is only one little drawback: For some specific things they are not available. Especially, the “push to external application” button does not fit well into the overall appearance.

I spend some time to create the missing icons in the Material Design look. However, icons like the one of TeXStudio which is colored and has much detail, cannot be converted one-to-one to the same style. The goal should be that the application icons can be recognized as good as possible by the users of JabRef. I have created icons for TeXStudio, TeXMaker, Vim, OpenOffice, Emacs, Lyx, and WinEdt:


I spend quite some time especially with the TeXStudio and TeXMaker icons but there were many issues. The famous TEX letters are too thin a looked awful as an icon. The details of the lamp were impossible to recognize, let alone the light-beam that appears in the original icon. Incidentally, the TeXStudio guys are currently settling for a new icon that actually can easily be converted but until then, we need a solution.

I’m looking for some kind of feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Finally, we are working on a more consistent JabRef design. This version is still not completely functional, but if you like you can take a look at this snapshot and give feedback as well.