Browser extension supported journals


I’m using the browser extension daily and I found it works perfectly (for my journal use) in 9/10 cases.
Sometimes a pdf download fails or a URL is not added in jabref but nothing serious.

I also saw it works for journals not even in the jabref fetchers list e.g. Nature and Science journal.

So my question: what websites will the extension work on? I can’t find any docs.
Or is it a universal tool that works everywhere where you can donwload a paper?

It is great that the browser extension works (mostly) perfectly. I think it is impossible to come up with a list of ALL websites that it works on, as there are a lot of websites on the internet. It is easier, if you were to raise issues at Issues · JabRef/JabRef-Browser-Extension · GitHub, if you encounter a website where it does not work, if you REALLY need it to work there, but be aware there may be technical limitations. Also, the browser extension’s maintainer (Tobias Diez) is strongly constrained by time available, so I suggest only to raise issues to him of utmost importance. His current schedule requires him to be absent sometimes multiple weeks or months.

Any help by contributors is highly welcome.

All websites listed (as files) at should be supported, and a few more if they have embedded metadata that can be used. If there is an issue with a particular website, then please use the search function there to see if it’s already reported. If not, there might be two reasons:

  1. The Zotero translator has a bug. In this case, it should be reported at
  2. Something is wrong with how we call the Zotero translator in the JabRef browser extension. The right place to report these issues is Issues · JabRef/JabRef-Browser-Extension · GitHub

The only real way to figure out what’s the case, is to install zotero and see if the same issue appears there. Another good indicator is to look at the browser console and if there are errors reported then it might be our fault and not Zotero’s (example of this: _translatorInfo undefined, or cannot read configOptions of undefined · Issue #280 · JabRef/JabRef-Browser-Extension · GitHub)

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