Bug Report on associated file path

I occasionally found a bug relating to file association. Here’s what I’ve operated:

  1. import an entry
  2. drag pdf file to the entry while the file was open while the file name wasn’t changed.
  3. but I wish to have the formatted file name, so I close the file, remove link.
  4. drag pdf to the entry again.
    Then I found the link remained as it was last time, but the filename changed automatically. This resulted in the wrong file path in the entry and the file could not be open through Jabref.

I also snippted screenshots for a more direct view.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your report.
Can you please test it with the latest development version? There recently had been some fixes
(Remember to make a backup of your library)

Hi, Christoph!

Thank you for your kind reply. I updated the latest version as you mentioned, and the problem is not there any more, and I thought I found the reason – the update reminder.

Since yesterday I received a notification on the release of new version and downloaded by clicking the link, the problem emerged after I updated the program (msi file, ver 5.1.6000), which, I know now, was not the latest version.

Maybe becasue my previous version was too old so that it guided me to a newer by not the newest one version, or maybe there’s something that could be done for the update reminder. No matter what, I’m still appreciating you for developing such a brilliant reference management program.

Thank you again and hope you guys are well in health and work!

Thanks for the feedback and the kind words!
We really appreciate that.
Glad that your issue is now resolved.

I think there was a glitch with the update version check yesterday/at GitHub, The current/latest development version is 5.2.x. As it’s not released yet, the 5.1 is still the latest “official” release.

PS: There are also many ways you can contribute: