Can I change the font?

I’m using .jar application on Ubuntu 16.04. The font is so thin that it’s a little bit hard to read. How can I configure the font in the app?

You can change the font size in Options -> Preferences, then “Appearance”.
Check the box “Override default font settings” and change the font size.

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This doesn’t seem to work: selecting a reasonable font for menus makes it ridiculously small in the input box and vise versa. The font in the search box is ridiculously small in any case: it does not seem affected. (On my laptop, the system wide setting for all windows applications is double size.) This is version 4.4.1; everything worked fine (and out of the box) with version 3.8.2.

@alexdegt92 I assume you’re using a high-resolution display. The problem is that we are currently using two UI technologies parallel and both scale completely different. The issue was reported before and we will try to fix it soon.

I assume you’re using a high-resolution display
Yes, right.
Thanks for the reply and for working on it! :slight_smile: