Change default citation style in JabRef Word-AddIn

Dear all,

searching the forum and FAQ yielded no suitable results - I apologize if I just missed it.

I am using JabRef as word AddIn and set up my personal citation style.
The default citation style JabRef offers is ‘plain’. In every word document, I change the citation style to my personal citation style (including all the style flags).

Is there a way to change the default ‘plain’ to the citation style of my choice, so I dont have to do it seperately for each and every document?

If anything is unclear, feel free to ask.
Thank you very much in advance.
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I don’t use the MS Word Addin, so i can’t verify what you say, but this seems like an annoying issue. I would raise it here at Github.

Hey there,

thank you for your reply. Well, I hope I don’t just miss the forest for the trees (or wait, maybe I do - because that would imply an easy fix), but yes, it is not exactly an efficient workflow.
I will ask over at Github, thanks for the tip!

Have a nice weekend and take care

Thanks, you too. Sorry i could not be of any more help