Can I specify a (persistent) custom style for the heading "Bibliography" in LibreOffice?

The heading “Bibliography” is set automatically to Heading 2 when I create it. I can change the style in in the document in LibreOffice, but every time the bibliography refreshes it changes the style back to Heading 2.

How can I get JabRef to respect my changes or allow me to change the Bibiography style to one of my choosing?

I’m using the first Default style file under Select File in the left-hand pane. I’ve fired up the utility Export-Filter_Editor_Linux_64bit_V04b, but it doesn’t seem to have an option to change this.


I would like to know too :sweat_smile:

I need this too. The automatic style just doesn’t fit with my other document formatting!

I created an issue at github: Specify a (persistent) custom style for heading of bibliography in LO/OO · Issue #8602 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub
Maybe one day… :wink:

Actually Christoph might have provided the solution over there, but I have not tried creating a custom style yet (and I will not do so, at least in the near future), so I cannot evaluate if it works or not.

@ThiloteE You can just copy the existing jstyle modify it and add it as custom style.

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Ah ok, thank you! This might be easier than I initially thought :slight_smile:

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