Change of default of Entry Preview

The default setting of the Entry Preview of JabRef for authors is currently set to HTMLChars:

\begin{author} \format[Authors(LastFirst,Initials,Semicolon,Amp),HTMLChars,LatexToUnicode]{\author}<BR>\end{author}

Because of this, certain author names with special characters (Latex format) are not displayed properly in the Entry Preview, e.g.:

“Pie{’{n}}kowski, G.”

is displayed as

“Pieʼnkowski, G.”

instead of

“Pieńkowski, G.”


Hereby I propose to change the default setting for author names in the Entry Preview to LatexToUnicode:

\begin{author} \format[Authors(LastFirst,Initials,Semicolon,Amp),LatexToUnicode]{\author}<BR>\end{author}

By doing this, the names with special characters are properly displayed in the Entry Preview of JabRef.

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • Yes, please change the default to LatexToUnicode. Names with certain special character will be displayed properly.
  • No, leave the old default setting HTMLChars. Names with certain special characters will NOT be displayed properly.
  • I don’t care.

0 voters