Connecting Jabref to libreofficedev

I need help connecting Jabref to LO development release.

I have needed to swap to the development LO because of a bug that was affecting my ubuntu (22.04). Now I cannot connect jabref to LO automatically and I have no idea how to do in manually.
I tried pointing to /usr/local/bin/libreofficedev7.3 but that didn’t work.
I have needed to have two LO installations to add references.


can you please tell what version of JabRef and LO you are using?
Please be aware that you must install LO as deb, as snap it won’t work with JabRef.

I reinstalled libreoffice using sudo apt install libreoffice and problem solved.

The Jammy Jellyfish repo is now using 7.3.1 so I didn’t need to have a separate dev installation.

Thank you for the response!

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