LibreOffice integration documentation insufficient

I’m new to jabref, but I’ve read through the documentation. Can someone please tell me why there are not complete instructions for libreOffice integration, and perhaps provide that information? I’m using Windows, but also would like to know for Ubuntu.

" If you connect by clicking the Connect button, JabRef will try to automatically determine these locations. If this does not work, you need to connect using the Manual connect button, which will open a window asking you for the needed locations."

I’m sorry, but bolding the “Connect” button does not help me know what that is, where to find it. How about some images or links to a description of what the connect button is? It seems like the entire page is assuming some previous steps have already been completed or understood. If so, a link to that page should be at the beginning of this page.

Is there not a plugin that is needed for LibreOffice? Where is that located?

Thank you, and apologies in advance if I’m missing something obvious.


it works the same across all platforms. You have to first open the LibreOffice/OpenOffice view. The connect button is the top left one above the “Select style”.

You first have to start LibreOffice and open a writer document. Then connect will try to connect to LIbreOffice and you can start. No plugin needed.

Feel free to edit/improve the documentation!

For newer Ubuntu versions you might have to uninstall the snap verison of LIbreOffice and replaced with the repo version

Thank you for the quick response!
I actually didn’t at first see that “View”. I had to go to View->OpenOffice/Libre Office. Maybe that could be added to the documentation! Can try to add that myself.