Create citation maps / utilize the relation field

I read this answer and I like the idea of creating a citation map. Especially when you already have a large collection of articles and you would like to know how they relate.

There is the relation field in biblatex, which should work for this process.
So there are actually two questions here: Is it possible to get the cited articles automagically from an article and the second question, how could you create such a map from it?
Once, I liked to create a historical overview about a topic and did this pretty much all by hand which was quite tedious.


you could use wikidata (Scholia) for this. They aim to create an interlinked network of all kinds of scientific literature etc.

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That certainly looks interesting, but unfortunately a lot of persons and articles do not show up there.

I guess there is no public available database where I can do such lookups?
And the next question would be how I could integrate this into the biblatex file.