Ebook.de incomplete ISBN information

When using the Import by ID feature using ISBN, the first search engine is ebook(dot)de, as explained in the jabref documentation. It seems that ebook(dot)de only provides one author in the author field (this has happened multiple times, I don’t know if it’s a general feature of ebook(dot)de). For example, for ISBN 0521099064, the ebook.de output shows Stephen Hawking as author, while the ottobib.com output correctly shows S. Hawking and G. Ellis as authors. Shouldn’t the first search tool provide the most complete information?

Can reproduce with ISBN: 9780203854693

I think it makes sense to switch the order. Ottobib apparently uses WorldCat as source

Do we need to open an issue at github, or will you do it Christoph?

Please open an issue, e.g. Change order of ISBN Fetchers.
with the hint that ottobib uses worldcat
Can be marked as good first issue,

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hi Team, can I have a look into this issue? Im new to open source community.

This ISBN is not found at ebook.de at all: eBook.de: eBooks, Reader, Bücher & Hörbücher online kaufen

Regarding the book by Stephen Hawking, the database of ebook.de itself misses the author:

Thus, we need an ISBN number, where the dataset on the homepage of ebook.de is correct, but the result wrong.

I tried with another book with two authors: https://www.ebook.de/de/tools/isbn2bibtex?isbn=9783110702125

It seems that ebook.de changed their return values and do not offer BibTeX name format any more. I asked them whether they can fix that.

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