EndNote: how to import from/export to?

JabRef has been evolving quite a lot, especially in the past year. Hence, I believe the current help file about EndNote is outdated (http://help.jabref.org/en/EndNoteFilters). Do you confirm?

Currently (i.e. JabRef 3.5):

  • how do you import data from Endnote?
  • how do you export data to Endnote?

There was no answer. I have problem with that, too.
Using (not with my free will) EndNote X8 and tried to import a JabRef 3.8 BibLaTeX file using the BibTeX-Import-Filter from EndNote. The result is 0 but there are no error messages.

Any suggestions?


JabRef has builtin exporter/importer for EndNote. But I don’t now if that format still works.

Most other tools do not support the biblatex format. Try to convert to bibtex before.

Regarding export: