Entries not showing when exporting library as MS Office

Hello everyone,

I am exporting references from JabRef in MS Office 2007 format for my Word doc. Unfortunately, some entries appear empty in Word although they are part of the LaTex Citations in Jabref. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


thanks for your report. Could you add some examples which entries don’t get exported or are empty?
Just paste the bibtexcode here (simply cope the entry from the maintable and paste it here)

For reference, here is an overview which fields get exported:

Hello Christopher and thank you for your reply.
You actually have answered my question through the link you provided. I was trying to create a reference to an internal technical report in JabRef adding the report’s reference number in the field ‘Number’, which does not get exported as ‘Standard Number’ in MS Office format, hence doesn’t appear when the report is cited in Word. I have decided eventually to make the reference number part of the report’s title.