Export bib to 2007 office xml

I have a .bib file. Jabref successfully import it with year, but when it exports 2007 office xml, it fails to include year. Does any one have any idea what is going on?

It seems that I created biblatex instead of bibtex. Jabref can recognize year in biblatex, but it cannot export year. It works with bibtex.

I could confirm this problem with JabRef 3.5 ( and also the current master build ( http://builds.jabref.org/master/ )) using a test BibLaTeX file (see https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/wiki/BibTeX ).

Please, could you open a new issue at https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues ?

(Issue is tracked here: https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/1750)

Can be closed. See github.com/Jabref/jabref#1765