Missing year in latex document after updating to JabRef 5.1

I use JabRef with Lyx. Since I updated to version 5.1, the new article entries I added in my bib-file do not appear correctly when I compile my lyx-file: the year is missing (???).
I noticed that, in the previous version, I used to enter “year” in the “Other fields” tab, which is not present in the new version.
Where should I introduce the year? Older entries work fine.

Thank you so much for your help.

If you go to Library -> Library properties, what is the “library mode”?

Please, could you give an example of

  • an entry for a new article
  • an entry for an old article

Good morning,
The Library mode is “biblatex”.

For an old entry I have:
Title = {Market power in banking, countercyclical margins and the international transmission of business cycles},
Author = {Olivero, M. P.},
Journal = {Journal of International Economics},
Year = {2010},
Pages = {292-301},
Volume = {80},

Crossref = {Olivero2010},
Owner = {1201731},
Timestamp = {2014.07.18}

For a new entry:
author = {Haykel Zouaoui and Manel Mazioud and Nidhal Ziedi Ellouz},
date = {2018},
journaltitle = {Economic Letters},
title = {A semi-parametric panel data analysis on financialdevelopment-economic volatility nexus in developing countries},
pages = {50-55},
volume = {172},
I wanted to attach an image with the tabs I see in each case, but I’m a new user of the forum and I cannot do it. Sorry.
Thank you!

Your old entry is in BibTeX format (see fields Year and Journal), while your new entry is in biblatex format (see field journaltitle). There is no field Year in biblatex. In biblalex, you have to use the field date. The field date should appear in the Required fields.

Note: If you want to convert all your entries in biblatex format, JabRef can do it for you. Go to Quality --> Cleanup entries, and check “Convert to biblatex format”.

Thank you mlep.
I have just changed the mode to Bibtex and my reference list works fine now.
I would be happy to convert everything to the new default setting of JabRef (biblatex). I read the advantages of biblatex and its use in Lyx. However, I am worried about how old lyx-files will take the citations.
In case you are a lyx user, would the references appear correctly updated if I introduce the biblatex package?
Thank you so much

I am not using LyX, but I am sure Lyx can deal with both BibTeX and biblatex files. You “just” have to find the right settings!

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