Feature suggestion : push to org

Org-mode (a. k. a. org) is a standard Emacs package allowing, among many other things, an interesting form of literate programming, which makes it a very interesting tool for writing scientific papers.

Org just acquired a standard mechanism for citation handling. Its practical use is quite close to the one used by LaTeX, but its syntax is a tad different : instead of \cite{key1,key2}, org expects something of the form [cite:@key1,@key2] (with optional common or reference-specific prefixes and suffixes and citation style ; see the (currently embryonic) documentation).

I didn’t find a (documented) way to customize the syntax of whatever Jabref provides to emacs when pushing. However, it should be easy to add a new “external editor” facility (“Emacs/Org”, say…), doing the same thing as the current “Emacs” external editor (which should become “Emacs/LaTeX”), but spits out the new syntax :

  • [cite: ... ] replaces \cite{} ;

  • keys are prefixed by @, and separated by ; ;

Prefixes and stylistic variations handling may be better left on the emacs side.

What do you think ? (I’m not allowed to create pools…).

Not an emacs user myelf, but shoudld be a quick win for someone wanting to add this feature

The relevant class is locatd here jabref/PushToEmacs.java at main · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

Ich kann nicht spricht Java…

No worries :wink: Just meant as a starting point if someone wants to work on this