Push to application: Citation format should not depend on cite command

When I push one entry from JabRef (v5.2) to TexStudio (v3), \cite{myref} in inserted in my TeX file.
If I push several entries in a row, I get \cite{myref1, myref2, myref3}.

My issue is that after changing the cite command to be pushed from \cite to \citep (Options -> Preferences, tab External programs), pushing several entries in a row gives \citep{myref1}\citep{myref2}\citep{myref3}.
I would like to get \citep{myref1, myref2, myref3}.

  • Is it an issue with JabRef or with TexStudio?
  • Anything to alter in the configuration of one of the two pieces of software to get a consistent behavior?

A quick look in the code reveals that it should work if you select multiple entries in the table and then hit the “Push to …” button

Indeed, when I select myref1, myref2 and myref3, clicking on the push button, \citep{myref1, myref2, myref3} is inserted. But it is not my workflow.
When inserting the references one by one, I expect JabRef and TeXstudio to behave the same way whether it is \cite or \citep (or any other cite command).

Hm. Indeed interesting behaviour. I cannot yet say if it’s JabRef’s fault or an issue with TexStudio. I will try to debug it,
Maybe it’s a preference somehow in TexStudio