Formattable push string for external programs, especially to Emacs

Instead of pushing a latex \cite{} to Emacs, I’d like to push a cite formatted for emacs org-ref. The simplest form can already be done by changing the “Cite command” in Options->Preferences->“External Programs” to “cite:”.

But I would like to be able to push an org-ref descriptive link. The format for that is:


where theBibTexKey is the bibtex key being pushed, and Description is a description of the article. The Description could be:

1.) just another copy of the cite key, since this could be edited again in Emacs.
2.) a string automatically generated from the author, date and title e.g. Sorjamaa et al. 2007: Methodology
3.) something that could be typed in from within JabRef

If this capability was added, it would also make sense to make the Cite command specific to the external program, and within the external program, selectable from a list. This list could have a syntax similar to the syntax that currently generates the BibTex cite key itself.

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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This seems more relevant now with the new citation formats: [cite/style:common prefix ;prefix @key suffix; ... ; common suffix].

Perhaps just allowing for a parameter, like %k for the key to be programmatically replaced would do the trick? This would result in being able to specify [cite:@%k] as the format to use for Emacs’ emacsclient.

Edit: Further thinking about the idea, it would be nice to allow for the definition of the separator to use as well, since the citation format uses semicolons.