File dialog functionalities of the new version on Windows

I’ve been using old JabRef-2.8 for a long time, but today switched to the newest JabRef-3.7 (mainly to handle the web-search problem on PubMed), on Win 7 64bit.
The new version is quite awesome, but one thing I miss is the functionalities of the file dialog in the older version.
In the old jabref, when I activate a file dialog (either to open database or to browse a linked file) it provides the functionalities of system file dialog, such as keyboard shortcuts, input completion, and context menu on right click.
In the new version, although it seems quite alike, the file dialog does not support those functions.

Can I somehow configure the new version to use system file dialog?

Thanks for your kind help!


thanks for your feedback. With version 3.6 we unified all file dialogs to use the Standard Java Swing open/save dialogs.
Unfortunately native file dialogs of the OS are not supported and this a problem of the Java side.
However, as we are on the way to move to the new GUI Technoloy JavaFX technology in the near future, we will support Native file dialog functionalities of each operation system.

The issue is logged aldready here for references.

Dear Christoph,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply and detailed explanation!
I’ll be looking forward to that update!

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