"File directory is not set or does not exist!"


I just updated to JabRef 5.1. Whenever I fetched an entry from the arXiv, I get the message:

“File directory is not set or does not exist!”

I do not understand what that means. Everything seems to be working properly after that, but the message is a bit annoying.

Any idea why this happens?

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I do not about which file directory is the message, but a recent issue involved the file directory used for storing PDFs: Links to PDF files non-functional after update
If you are fetching an entry with its PDF, that may be it.

Thank you, but this solution doesn’t quite work for me. This stores the files on my device. I do not want that.

I prefer the “file” field to refer to the external online file, as it does by default when I fetch an arXiv entry. By default, the “file” field is fetched by JabRef as:

file = {:http://arxiv.org/pdf/2009.00916v1:PDF}

It worked before without an error message, so I’m not sure why it doesn’t now. Or alternatively, removing the “file” field from the import would be fine with me.

In any case, good work by you all.

EDIT: I unlinked the “Download linked online files” from the arXiv fetcher interface, and that does it for me. Thanks.