No full text document found


I’ve just updated JabRef to ver.5.2 and created the following entry:

author    = {SomeAuthor},
journal   = {Some journal},
title     = {Some Title},
year      = {2021},
file      = {:D\:/TMP/Dicke-1978.pdf:PDF},
owner     = {v},
timestamp = {2021.01.07},

The link “file” refers to pdf file that does exist. However, I cannot open it in the program. When I click the icon “Open file …” in the left part of the line with the entry, I see a window with a list of subfolders in “My Documents” and that is all. If I click the icon with a magnifier in tab “General” marked “Get full text”, I see the message “No full text document fund”. How can I open a document file in this version of JabRef? Just in case, my OS is Windows 7.


please check your preferences, it might be that your main file directory is not set

Thanks. I’ve set the main directory to d:\ and it works now. But what to do if my documents are located on more than one volume?

That is no problem, it can be configured freely, see the help.

Manage associated files - JabRef

I still don’t see in the help how to treat file names as absolute. But I found a method that works: I set General file directory (Library -> Library properties) to “\”.