Formatting authors in custom export NIH

I have written a custom export file following, but am having trouble getting the author names formatted like I want.The desired author format I would like is LastName FIrstMiddleInitials like:

Roberts NT, Hernando D, Holmes JH, Wiens CN, Reeder SB.

I have tried a few different outputs:


outputs without the middle initial:

Roberts N, Hernando D, Holmes J, Wiens C and Reeder S.

Another formatting attempt:


outputs the initials, but with the punctuation and adds a space between the first and middle initials:

Roberts N. T., Hernando D., Holmes J. H., Wiens C. N. and Reeder S. B.

I think the problem may be related to not recognizing the way the authors are stored in the bibtex file (see example below). The bibtex entries are generated automatically from Scopus. Is there a way to get the export formatting I would like? Or perhaps a way to automate reformatting of the bibtex authors for hundreds of entries?

Example Bibtex Entry

author = {Roberts, N.T. and Hernando, D. and Holmes, J.H. and Wiens, C.N. and Reeder, S.B.},
title = {Noise properties of proton density fat fraction estimated using chemical shift–encoded MRI},
journal = {Magnetic Resonance in Medicine},
year = {2018},
volume = {80},
number = {2},
pages = {685-695},
month = {jan},
document_type = {Article},
doi = {10.1002/mrm.27065},
publisher = {Wiley},
pubmed_id = {29322549},
source = {Scopus},

Solved this by running Cleanup Entries (Quality > Cleanup Entries) with

author: Normalize names of persons

to format the bibtex source with a space between initials.