Glitches in the entry editor

While building a new database I come across little glitches that do not make it impossible to work with JabRef but still interfere with a smooth working flow. I am using JabRef 4.1 on Mac, Java version (Java was apparently only installed with JabRef and curiously, the Control Panel is not shown in the system preferences.)
Two bugs had already been reported and apparently solved but I still come across them although there are not always reproducable and most often just disappear by themselves:

  • space character causes cursor to jump to start of line (
    Or is this not fixed in 4.1 but only in 4.2/the latest master?
  • entry editor freezing on Mac (
    In my case, it is not possible anymore to view or type in the entry editor, but JabRef is still responding and it is possible to save or quit a library. The graphic interface of the editor is broken.

Another two glitches are related to the entry editor as well:

  • Often, I am not able to change the order of fields in any entry type. So I want to swap date and issue, I click Apply or OK in the customizing dialogue, but the old (mostly alphabetical it seems) order is instantly restored.
    EDIT: I just noticed that in one case, my custom order was changed automatically.
  • In some entry types, an additional and unlabeled field appears in the Optional Fields Tab. It is possible to type in it and the input appears in the source code as “Unknown”. I have tried to remove all Optional Fields, but the tab is still shown with this unwanted field which appears only in some entry types.

Are these glitches known and is there a solution? Thanks!

Hey Charles,

the first two issues you mention are indeed solved in the latest development version, which will be soon released as 4.2. The other two problems are new to me and I think they are bugs. Would you please be so kind and report them over at github (we use github to track issues and use the forum for things that require more discussion/other support stuff).

That is what I did although I am quite reluctant to register to new sites.

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