Entry editor fields too high

In recent jabref releases the entry editor fields are too high, with a lot of unused vertical white space in them. Therefore, when the entry editor is open, it hides a large part of the entry table. When we drag down the entry editor to reduce its height, the bottom fields start to hide and a scroll bar appears. In previous versions of jabref (<5.9 if I remember well) the behavior was different: dragging down the entry editor to reduce its height, forced at first the entry editor fields to shrink to a minimum height and then they started to hide. Personally I like compact views with a lot of info on the screen. I wish I could see the entire entry editor on the screen, together with as many entries of the entry table as possible. Is it possible (css?) to custonize/reduce the height of the entry editor fields removing the white space in the fields?
(Win10, Jabref 5.10, 5.11)

As a user, there is not much you can do. Either drag and minimize/maximize the entry editor, or you temporarily hide it completely from view (there is a button for that).

If you want to contribute code, I only can suggest to have a look at JavaFX and its surrounding ecosystem.