How to italicize part of the in-text citation in Jabref?

I need to format the in-text citation like this:
[Smith et al., 2009] or Smith et al. [2009].
How to make it by modifying the .jstyle file? I tried again and agian, but failed.
Could anyone help me please? I’m very anxious about it.

Does anyone knows that? Thanks.


could you provide some more details on what you are trying to achieve? Are you using Libre/Open Office?
Do you just want to copy a citation?


Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear. I’m so worried.

I’m using Libreoffice and I want to use Jabref to insert in-text citation in my odt.
Through the “Export Filter Editor”, I grasped the format of reference list layout.
But for in-text citation, I don’t know how to change its format.

Now it looks like Smith et al. [2009], but I want Smith et al. [2009].
Only part of citation is in italic. But I don’t know how to make it by modifying my jstyle file.

Could you please help me?

If I don’t make myself understood, please let me know.

Thanks very much.

EtAlString=" et al."

This can only make the string " et al." italic, not the authors.

How to achieve that?
I believe Jabref can make it

can Jabref solve this problem? If I don’t make myself understood, please let me know.
Thanks a lot.

I had a quick look at the code and it appears that Jabref supports HTML tags like <i> italic text </i>. But as I have no experience with LibreOffice I can’t tell you what to change.

Thanks very much.
I have tried HTML tags like italic text , but it doesn’t work in the in-text citation.
I hope next version will support it.


could you provide us the jstyle file you are using?

Thanks in advance!

Ok, no problem.
But I am noticed that new users cannot upload files.:disappointed_relieved:
How to provide you my jstyle?

Maybe you can copy it here:

[Author year] style file


ReferenceParagraphFormat="Text body"
ReferenceHeaderParagraphFormat=“Heading 1”

YearSeparator=” “
InTextYearSeparator=” "
EtAlString=” et al.“
AuthorSeparator=”, “
AuthorLastSeparator=” and “
AuthorLastSeparatorInText=” and “
BracketAfterInList=”] "


CitationSeparator="; “
UniquefierSeparator=”, “
PageInfoSeparator=”; "

article=\begin{author}\format[Authors(LastFirstFirstFirst,Initials,Sep=, ,LastSep= and ,10,1,EtAl= et al.),]{\author} \end{author}\begin{year}(\year\uniq), \end{year}\begin{title}\format[HTMLChars]{\title}, \end{title}\begin{journal}\format[HTMLChars,JournalAbbreviator]{\journal}\end{journal}\begin{volume}, \format[HTMLChars]{\volume}\end{volume}\begin{number}(\format[HTMLChars]{\number})\end{number}\begin{pages}, \format[HTMLChars,FormatPagesForHTML]{\pages}\end{pages}\begin{doi}, doi:\doi\format[HTMLChars]{\empty}.\end{doi}

book=\begin{author}\format[Authors(LastFirstFirstFirst,Initials,sep=, ,LastSep= and ,10,1,EtAl= et al.),]{\author} \end{author}\begin{year}(\year\uniq), \end{year}\begin{booktitle}\format[HTMLChars]{\booktitle}\end{booktitle}, \begin{publisher}\format[HTMLChars]{\publisher}, \end{publisher}\begin{address}\format[HTMLChars]{\address}.\end{address}

incollection=\format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAbbreviator,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\author}(\year\uniq). \title. In: \format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAbbreviator,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\editor} (Ed.), \booktitle, \publisher.

inbook=\begin{author}\format[Authors(LastFirstFirstFirst,Initials,sep=, ,LastSep= and ,10,1,EtAl= et al.),]{\author} \end{author}\begin{year}(\year\uniq), \end{year}\begin{chapter}\format[HTMLChars]{\chapter}, in \end{chapter}\begin{booktitle}\format[HTMLChars]{\booktitle}\end{booktitle}, \begin{series}\format[HTMLChars]{\series}\end{series} Series, \begin{volume}vol. \format[HTMLChars]{\volume}, \end{volume}\begin{editor}edited by \format[Authors(FirstLast,Initials,sep=, ,LastSep= and ,2,1,EtAl= et al.),]{\editor}, \end{editor}\begin{pages}pp. \format[HTMLChars,FormatPagesForHTML]{\pages}, \end{pages}\begin{publisher}\format[HTMLChars]{\publisher}, \end{publisher}\begin{address}\format[HTMLChars]{\address}.\end{address}

phdthesis=\format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAbbreviator,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\author}(\year\uniq). \title, \school.

default=\format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAbbreviator,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\author}(\year\uniq). \title, \journal \volume\begin{pages} :\format[FormatPagesForHTML]{\pages}\end{pages}.


I finally found time to look at your issue and I think I found a solution:

You have to set the Paraemter FormatCitation=true
The other parameters control the apperance of the in text citation, e.g. bold, italic, or sub/superscript

Thanks for your help.
But in this way the whole citation is italic.
Could you make part of the citation italic? e.g. Sam et al. [2012] or Sam et al., 2012] ?
That’s what I really want.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your help.
But in this way the whole citation is italic.
Could you make part of the citation italic? e.g. Sam et al. [2012] or Sam et al., 2012] ?
That’s what I really want.

I’m sorry for this repeated reply.
Thanks in advance.


I understand the problem. I looked into the code and it could be possible if you use the \texit{} latex formatter around the authors formatter.

Then you have to disable the FormatCitation=true I think. I am not that deep into that functionality, so sorry that I can not help you that much here.


Hi, Christoph,
thank you all the same. It’s really a problem. Will next version support it?
And by the way, how to use the \texit{} latex formatter around the authors formatter?

Do you mean setting the AuthorField=\texit{“author/editor”} in the jstyle?
I tried this before, but it doesn’t work.
Do I get the point?



I was wrong. The settings with article= etc only control the appearance in the reference list.
The FormatCitaiton = true and further control the appearance of the in-text citations.

I did a debug sesion and found out that author + year are internally combined to one String (or “word”) which is then inserted into Open/Libre Office and then formatted with the given thing.

I also experimented a bit with LIbreOffice, e.g. trying do define my own character style, but this is based on the same problem as above.

So, I currently see no possibility to do this. Codewise this would require a huge effort and is in my opinion not worth it.
However, we plan the suport of the CSL citation styles in Open/LibreOffice, so that would enable you to do this.

Thanks for your help, Christoph.
I’m sorry that my question wasted a lot of your time. I am looking forward to the support of the CSL citation styles:slight_smile:

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