How to print parts of the LibreOffice bibliography or list of references in bold

Inserting the bibliography into a LibreOffice document with the numbered, sorted options.
In the reference list I would like the automatically given reference numbers to be printed in bold.
I guess I could, in the LAYOUT section of the .jstyle file, add <b> and </b> around the reference number. However ref numbers are printed without the corresponding variable being listed in LAYOUT.
Inserting the variable “Number” does not seem to do the trick. How can I do that ?
Sorry if this has already been asked. Thanks.


Good question, and I actually found an answer to it after looking into the code. It turns out that you need to add bold tags to the bracket properties. You can add any formatting instruction/characters there:

BracketAfterInList="]</b> "

In LO this looks like this:

Maybe you can add this as a tip to the help OpenOffice/LibreOffice integration - JabRef