Connecting Jabref and Libreoffice with vancouver style

I have successfully connected JabRef 3.8.2 to libreoffice, but i am facing an issue to apply a vancouver style citation from JabRef to Libreoffice.

  • What I want to do is to apply the vancouver style citation in Libreoffice: (ex from google scholar)
    [1] Al Nuaimi K, Kamel H. A survey of indoor positioning systems and algorithms. InInnovations in information technology (IIT), 2011 international conference on 2011 Apr 25 (pp. 185-190). IEEE.

  • What I get in Libreoffice:
    [1] Al Nuaimi, K. and Kamel, H. (2011). A survey of indoor positioning systems and algorithms, : 185-190.

Steps I have done:
1- Copy BibTeX code from google scholar to jabref
2- Apply default [number] style
3- Cite

why I am missing the bold part from the citation ? and if I changed the style, I loose the number style (number for the reference) which I want to use besides the vancouver style.
Any clue for this problem ?


you have to create or modify the jstyle (or look if you can find a possible in the repository here) to a

See the section on the help page for more details: