IEEE CItation Style for LibreOffice

Hi everyone,

Could you guys tell me how to choose IEEE as preferred style?
It says only 2 default styles are available.
I just need IEEE style.

Thank you.


can you please tell us which version you use? Version 5.x ships with all CSL Styles.
In the Options → Preferences → Entry preview you have to put the style to the right:

Hi there, Thanks for your reply.
My version of Jabref is 5.2

I did what you told me. However i could not find IEEE style on “select style”. I was about to insert citation on libreoffice. So I need IEEE style.

Could you help me?
Thank you

Also, I attached here when I was about to select IEEE style on “Select Style”.
I could not find it.

Ah then it was a misunderstanding, You are referring to the OpenOffice/LibreOffice styles.
JabRef currently does not support CSL styles for LibreOffice. JabRef only supports CSL for the Entry Preview.
You need to create the style by yourself. However, there is a tool by @teertrinker that allows you to easily create you own style.
See Resources - JabRef

I see. Thank you for your reply.