Importing by DOI has truncated title

Hi. I have 2 questions.

When creating an entry by looking up the DOI, the title gets truncated. I’ve noticed a similar issue with other entries and they all have a colon in the title.

The examples I have are from the ACM Digital Library, however I can produce the expected results with some links. For example, appears as expected, despite the colon. Perhaps this worked because it’s listed as an “ARTICLE” while the failing DOIs are listed as a “RESEARCH-ARTICLE”.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Library → New entry
  2. ID type = DOI
  3. ID =
  4. Click Generate

Expected results:
The title should show “Memory Errors in Modern Systems: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.

Actual results:
The title shows “Memory Errors in Modern Systems”.

Question #1: Why is the title truncated and what settings should be changed to prevent this?

When adding an entry by a DOI that forwards to the ACM Digital Library (see DOI above) and when adding an entry using the Web Search feature (and selecting “ACM Portal”) I get two slightly different entries. For example, the Web Search approach doesn’t truncate the titles, some fields are slightly modified, and some fields are filled in that the DOI method omits. The DOI field of both entries are identical, however.

Question #2: Why is there a discrepancy between these two methods?

I’m using version 5.8.

Also it seems that this is not limited to ACM. When I add an entry by DOI for this springer article, the result has a completely omitted title instead of a truncated one.

(Doing a Web Search using Springer seems to just result in a network error, so I can’t compare the two.)


unfortunately the metadata is not always consistent between the publishers and orgs.
for DOIs JabRef simply queries with the doi and the header HTTP: “application/x-bibtex”.
For WebSearch JabRef queries the publisher directly.

My personal approach is mostly using the jabref browser extension for importing data.

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Assuming someone is unable to install a browser extension, is it possible to get identical behavior within just JabRef itself by providing the URL?

You are correct, it does seem like my issue is with rather than JabRef. Running the following query shows the truncated title issue:

 curl -LH "Accept: application/x-bibtex"

I’m not sure how they gather this data, but if it’s based on the <meta> tags, that could explain it. On the redirected page the title is split into a title and subtitle.

<meta name="dc.Title" content="Memory Errors in Modern Systems"></meta><meta name="dc.Title.Subtitle" content="The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"></meta>