Workflow for working with an Android tablet

I recently bought a new Android tablet. Now, I can read all the papers on the tablet and even create nice annotations using Xodo.
I synchronize the PDFs and .bib files using a git repo, I already had since using Jabref. I do this on Android using Termux and Termux-Widget for some easier push/pull.
Unfortunately, there seems to be not much applications which can handle biblatex files on Android.
I summarized my results regarding Android apps already here:
Library works great but is has one big disadvantage: you can not edit the biblatex file, especially not the read status, stars or comments.
So the big question is: is there any good method of reading and annotating all the pdfs on android, then push it via git and then adding read status/comments/ranking on the PC later? Okay - usually the PC is not far from where I’m but what if I read like 10 articles?

So there are some ideas: You could read the git log and search for all the changed files in the biblatex file. Then I could write a script which adds the read status and asks for a rating and comment. This could also add keywords and move to groups etc. But I think this does not scale too well.
The best would be an Android application which can do this for you, but I already heard that there are plans for JabRef on Android but nothing concrete.
So maybe there are other Android apps which I havn’t looked at, or other ideas how to manage this transition?