Is there any way to export the linked files as attachements?

I was wondering if the linked files could be exported as attachments to other reference managers like Endnote and Bookends.


yes this is possible since a short time and is in the latest master
Either via File -> Copy linked files to folder or via right click on the entries

hi @Siedlerchr
Thank you for the reply.

The copy files to Folder seem to simply copy the files.
I was rather thinking about exporting the references and the attachments together in endnote XML format (as in exporting from Mendeley to Endnote, for example) where the attachments will be recognized in Endnote.

But, I think I find the way to do it by editing the custom export filters described here.

But, I still have a problem how the file names are written in the file field if you don’t mind me asking you another question.

Is it normal that the autolinking puts the file names twice in the file field?
Here is an example reference:

  author  = {Maria Bittner},
  title   = {Word order and incremental update},
  journal = {CLS},
  year    = {2003},
  volume  = {39},
  pages   = {634–664},
  url     = {},
  file    = {Bittner2003 Word order and incremental update.pdf:Article/Bittner2003 - Word order and incremental update.pdf:PDF},
  groups  = {LingBuzzBE},

Why do you think I have the file name listed twice?
I was expecting only Bittner2003 Word order and incremental update.pdf part.

The syntax for the file field is description:path:type. Previous versions (including 4.0 if I’m not mistaken) put the file name also as a description when you used the auto-link functionality. This should be fixed in the current development version.

If you can provide us with the syntax of how endnote expects attached files, we can improve the export code in this regard. Please open an issue on github with more details! Thanks.

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hi @tobiasdiez
As for the issues of multiple attachment, I have just reported in Github.

As for the syntax, here is one XLM syntax to export an article reference with its attachemnt.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
			<ref-type name="Journal Article">0</ref-type>

This export filter, for example, is able to export an article reference with its attachment. With my samples containing simple file names, it has correctly exported to Zotero, Bookends and Endnote. I have already made a complete template to export all the 7 types of references.

In this system, what the user needs to do is put the liked files in a directory and exported XML files in the same directory; and simply imported the xml to Endnote. The pdf attachments will be detected and imported along with each of the references. If the file field contains absolute paths, even the copying the linked files would be unnecessary. They can be simply detected from where they are.

But, the problem is if the file field contains duplicates, the pdf url misses it.