JabFox: "Save as Website" not possible

e.g. this sitze http://datavizcatalogue.com/.

Zotero offers me to create a “website” entry with or without a snapshot. The JabFox button in the toolbar is disabled.

There is an high need to add websites (no matter if they have meta-data or not) to JabRef. JabFox itself uses Zotero, right?

Any idea about it? I miss this feature so much! :grinning:

The author of JabFox is currently very busy implementing the new groups interface. But you can make it happen: How about implementing this functionality yourself? That’s what open source is about :wink:

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You are right of course.

But I have no experience with coding Firefox AddOns. Even don’t know which language is used.
And I see no code repository. I have no idea how to “compile & link” a firefox AddOn.

The point is I would need how-to-contribute-support. :wink:

A workaround is to create the entry within Zotero and then use the functionality of zotero to export BibTeX.

@buhtz Unfortunately, I also have no experience in coding firefox addons. However, I can point you to the code, it can be found here: https://github.com/JabRef/JabFox It has a short contribution guide at the bottom.

This is not easily possible since Zotero does not use a translator (as it is done for webpages with embedded metadata) to convert the webpage to an Zotero item but creates the item by hand. Thus the code from https://github.com/zotero/zotero/blob/edb53c31df34307cf58849ed6224a0296e27a27c/chrome/content/zotero/zoteroPane.js#L3795 has to be adapted. Sadly I don’t have much time at the moment, sorry.

Thanks for the explanation. I remember that Firefox change its API interface for AddOns. So JabRef need to changed, too. I think before that it wouldn’t make sense for me to touch the code and learn an old API that is no longer needed.

Technical: Would be possible to use an extra translator to do this “creates the item by hand”? Then we could open a feauter request on Zotero about it. :wink: