Snapshots of Websites

In Zotero I have Website-entries. And most have them have a “Snaphot”. This is a local html file of the content. It makes it possible to read the Website offline.

When I export that as RIS and import it into JabRef the Snapshot-file is lost.
Is there a way to import them, too?

When I create new Website items in JabRef. Is there a way to generate Snapshots automaticly and add them to the entry?


unfortunately that is currently not possible to automatically generate a snapshot. However, you could put the html files in some folder and then use JabRef’s feature to “Autolink” files based on their name + extension to an entry. These would then be added with a link to the file in entry field “field” (e.g. like the pdf files).

You can find more information on that topic here in the help:

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Useing JabFox as Firefox AddOn makes it possible to use snapshots for JabRef entries.

Hi, do you use jabfox on Windows? It says that ‘This add-on is not available on your platform.’ when I try to install jabfox on my firfox on ubuntu 16.04