Jabref 4.0 entry list question

Hi, I recently switched to the (great) 4.0 version. While I like everything else, there is one feature that was apparently lost from version 3 to 4, intentionally or not, which I really miss:

Previously, the entry list remained centered on the currently marked entry when its position in the list changed. Now it remains where it is, even when the entry moves out of the displayed region. Can this be changed somehow?

While this seems a tiny change, it affects my using of Jabref quite strongly. My “standard” is to have the entry list sorted by bibkey. When I create a new entry, the first thing I do is enter a bibkey based on my convention. Previously, the entry as well as the list then jumped to the alphabetically ordered position in the list, where I could see the new entry next to previous entries with the similar bibkeys (Author last name - year) and could check if this was indeed a new entry. Now I have to manually scroll (through a list with several thousand entries) to the correct position.

I suspect this was an unintentional change? Or am I doing something wrong and can get this back to work in the new version? Any help would be greatly appreciated.