[solved] How to customize entry types permanently?

used to use JabRef a lot in my studies around 15 years ago, I returned recently to my old database. Now I use JabRef version 2.10b2 on Kubuntu 14.04 LTS. Every time I start JabRef regardless with my old database or with a new one, I have to customize the entry types to my preferred order. If I confirm with “OK” or “Apply” the order is valid for the actual session. After restarting JabRef the order is again alphabetically. How can I fix my preferred order permanently?
I discovered that my self-defined entry types are placed at the end of the bib-file. Here is tried to set my own order for my entry types as well I add the order for the predefined entry types. JabRef uses the entry types, but not the order.
How to customize entry types permanently? Thank you for your assistance.
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Hello Bernhard,

welcome to the forum.
You are using a very outdated JabRef Version which is no longer supported.
Please try again using the newest version 3.5. You can get it here: https://www.fosshub.com/JabRef.html
Just a notice, it requires, Java 8 to work,


Hello Christoph,
thank you for your welcome.
I replaced the JabRef Version in the Ubuntu Repositories by the new one. With Java 8 JabRef works quite well. Thank you for the solution.
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