Solved - Bibliography from multiple libraries not supported any more: "unresolved" entry

Sorry, I found the correct setting. This is solved.

I upgraded to JabRef 5.13 (JabRef 5.13–2024-04-01–6bdcf63, Linux 5.14.21-150400.24.100-default amd64, Java 21.0.2, JavaFX 22+30) and encountered a strange error, which I never had before:

When I include citations from different libraries in one document (Libre Office, I can not create the Reference list, because entries are only found from one of the libraries, even though I have all libraries open in JabRef. For entries from other libaries, I get the error “Unresolved”.
Is this a known bug - or did I miss to set some prefernces, which were default in older versions?

@agh Glad you could resolve it.

I would appreciate it if you could write the solution, so that other users who stumbled across this can find your solution