jabRef v2.10 : access to outside databases

Is it possible to continue using JabRef v2.10 and still obtain access to Google Scholar, for example? ie, ANY outside database for looking up articles to add them to your library? I realize PubMed is no longer accessible using v2.10 due to some sort of security change initiated at NCBI (??) …but I also see that Google Scholar seems no longer to work either (??)… I have had various issues with newer versions of JabRef and also prefer the interface appearance for v2.10 on my windows system – the text/graphics are sharper/crisper to the eye-- I don’t know if it’s the java business or what, but the newer releases do not look sharp on my screens – more fuzzy. Thanks for input



older versions of JabRef are no longer maintained, especially as Google Scholar (changed frequently) and Medline (uses now SSL) are only fixed in the latest version.

Regarding the Interface problems, this is more a general Java and or Windows problem and we are currently in the process of switching to a new GUI technology (javafx) which will be better scalable, especially on HiDPI screens

However, there are some things you can do: You can change the font sizes in the preferences and you can try to choose a different interface theme and make sure to have the latest Java 8 version installed, as there have been some fixes on the Java side, too.

I hope this helps a bit

thanks for the input!