Key binding to focus groups interface?

Is there a key binding to focus on the groups interface? I know only that I can toggle it by pressing Alt + 3 but have not found a way to focus on it.

Btw: I realized that when you are in the key bindings and want exit it by pressing escape, the current key binding is overwritten with escape, which is unfortunate.

PS: If there is no such key binding yet, maybe it would make sense to change the succession order of tab-scrolling. Usually, e.g., in windows explorer, shift+tab is used to switch to the structure pane (groups pane) and to switch back again to the main table via tab.


yes seems like we should focus the groups panel on default then and maybe also check the tab selection order. Can you open an issue in github?

Are we usually having access to all UI elements via keyboard? (tab / arrow-keys)

@Siedlerchr I have opened an issue: