Groups edit mode

I installed the snapshot of 12.2.2017 (JabRef_windows-x64_4_0_0-dev–snapshot–2017-02-12–master–99d055efd). I wonder where I can deselect “groups edit mode”. Left and right as well as double clicking on it does not work. There isnot any entry in the configuration. And the up and down arrows in the same field and the cross to delete the group menu do nothing with respect to the edit mode.
I ask since working with groups within the edit mode change some assignements and troubled me.Therefore, I started jabref with deselecting the edit mode in the options menu in the group panel. This now seems lost.
Can you please point me to the solution of this issue, i.e. deselecting the groups edit mode.

I have asked months ago how to start jabref not with the groups editing mode not selected, but I didnot get any response.
Thanks Bernhard

There is currently no way to disable the edit mode in the development version. The only solution is to reset the preferences. Or you wait a few days (weeks) until I removed the edit mode completely.
But note, that in the current development version the functionality of the edit mode is already disabled (only the red highlight is still present).

Thank you for your answer.