Me Too: Can't find org.jabref.JabRefMain

Hi, I just installed Suse Tumbleweed and openJDK-8, but the java-openjfx does not exist for suse. I guess therefore I get:
Fehler: Hauptklasse org.jabref.JabRefMain konnte nicht gefunden oder geladen werden.

I have downloaded openjfx (11 &12) - but how do I use both JabRef and JFX at once?
Or does it mean JabRef cannot be used on Suse anymore?
BTW I even tried to use the recent JabRef-Master. :frowning:

Add. question are there prev. releases that do not require openJFX? Which are the latest?

Add 2: By the Suse-Forum I now have got the link:
Maybe you change that in you web-site?


thanks for your information! You can edit the help page directly: Just click on the “Edit this page” link at the end of the bottom.


I tried but I am not sure whether it works.